I have decided to change the format of my blog. Somewhat. A little. Some directional changes. You know, I’m getting bored with what I am writing. Always about me. I want to start writing about facts but with a twist of humor. And a slice of lime. I’ll change the title of the blog as well.

I just caught that sentence before the last. The stories I wrote about me were true. Still are…

Okay. So…this is what I’ll do. Starting the next post, I will be writing about interesting things around me. Could be anything. Local politics, food, science, people…you name it. I will find something to research out and write about. Now, I need a new title for my blog. Any ideas? Send me your ideas. Please. Be creative. Something catchy.

Anyways. I have an idea for a blog. I love mechanical pencils. Used them a lot in college and in my professional life. I have performed exhaustive research. I use Rite in the rain journals for my outdoor work and Leuchtturm 1917 notebooks for everything else. The pencils I choose must work well on both kinds of papers.  I use a Rotring 300 series with the RITR and a Uni Kuru Toga for the Leuchtturm. Why, you ask?

Firstly, the pencils are great to hold and use. The cost is justifiable. They are made well and can stand abuse. (trust me, with me thats important) They write well on the page and won’t tear the paper. The Uni is lighter in weight than the Rotring, but its got some cool technology. For example, as you write the lead rotates so you always have a sharp point.

I paid PHP 127 for the Uni and PHP 433 for the Rotring. In US$ thats 2.82 and 9.62, respectively. Not bad, especially for the Philippines. At the end of the day, it becomes a personal choice.

Enough of this. Next blog will be of some cool historical fact. Please let me know of your thoughts.

See you around,


A volcano in Iceland. Credit to DxO