I’ve posted very little due to my work on a series of short stories. I have a fictional character, not so unlike myself, Windom Allegro. This guy is a wanderer, a traveler, for sure. But in reality he does not specific destination; the journey and the adventures he has on his journey is what he is after. If you are like me, a traveler and adventurer at heart, you know done deep that it’s the road that is most inspiring. Destinations are anti-climatic; you need (sometimes) as a point of reference when planning your route. But for people and me and you (most of you) the journey, the road, the path along in which you grow and know is the key.
In the old days, I kept paper journals and slide film of my travels. With the technology today, all I need is my computer, cell phone, and I’m off. I use a small, digital range finder camera for important shots. Like now, I’m in the middle of nowhere writing, and shooting what I see. Recording what I hear. In a matter of minutes it’s all posted for the world to see.

I digress. So Windom will be a series of short stories, all researched out. He will be me, but virtual. What I experience, so will Windom. Although I’m considering the notion that this may work in reverse as well. Think about it…I’ll get back to this another time.

I will release these stories one at a time as an ebook. Where I haven’t a clue yet. I’ll keep you posted. I would really like your constructive criticism. I have many ideas for supporting of my character(s). Again stay tuned.

If any of you out there write, I’d love to hear from you. As I am new to being creative and publicly at that, I’d love some communications with you. Bounce ideas… you know…

Thanks for reading. Have a great week!

See you around,