Over the last few weeks I’ve at an impasse in terms of my focus for writing. I like to blog, but my real desire is to create short stories that are connected together. Like a serial novel. There are a million ideas running through my head. The key for me will be to focus on one set of ideas and just start to write. Ignore the ‘other’ ideas for the moment. Make notes and save them for later consideration. I tell you, its not easy to focus. I have so many distractions in my life. Business and family issues. Only so many hours in a day. At times I feel my head will explode. Also, impatience with people and situations have been a problem. I want to be left alone. No one to bother me. The other distraction, at least for me, are the many writing tools out on the market for the Mac. As of this writing I have no less than ten writing apps installed. I am trying and playing with them. I am writing this post on i/A Writer Pro. The last two Desk. Before that, Ulysses. Minimalist writing tools are my passion as they offer distraction-free tools. You know what? I’m distracted by the distraction-free writing apps! Crazy…

So, I am sitting in an Italian restuarant with my americano and a flatbread pizza. Getting inspiration from watching other people.
Previously I posted my desire to focus my blogging on other things. I haven’t done this. Again…focus, focus, focus.
This current post serves to kick my ass into gear. Again.

See you around-