a little background…there are two little girls that live with me. sisters, bella who is almost 5 and bri who is 3. they are my angels. bella had to visit the dentist yesterday and as a result had 5 cavities filled. she was in horrible pain. i was caring for her all day. she asked me to pick her up and hold her like a baby… which i did. she asked me to hug her, hold her close. talk to her. pray with her. i cancelled my days’s appointments so i could be with her. late last night she came into my room and just hugged me. “ mike”, she said in my ear, “ i love you. i want to give you a hug” and proceeded to give me the warmest most sincere, grateful hug i’ve ever experienced.

you know, i believe this is God’s way of showing cynical adults HIS love for us. as i was embracing bella i felt such peace and warmth. love and caring. after a tough day, that hug and those words from a 4 year and 11 month old girl gave me renewed energy and hope.

God’s gifts to us are in the form of little ones that know nothing but innocence and purity. what else is there to say?

see you around…